Morgan Nuncio (they/she)

Tabletop RPG Actual Play Content Creator, Writer, Safety Consultant, Voice Actor, BIPOC Hype Human

Hi! I'm Morgan, or Mo for short, and I love gaming. I have always had an imaginative brain as a child which blossomed into a creative teenager who fell into TTRPGs. Over the last few years I have been diving more into content creating like Actual Play podcasts and streams, with writing and safety consulting being my newest ventures. I am also one of the three raccoons in the trench coat Caretaking over at Huetopia.

If you are BIPOC person looking to find a TTRPG community, please come join us!

Take a scroll through my page and I hope I pique your interest! Please reach out to me via social media or email if you would like to connect and work together.

Non-ttrpg aspects of my life consist around hiking, working out, witchy stuff, and food adventures!

I have written modules for Kids in Bikes and Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall and an alien race for Teens in Space. I am currently co-designing Kids in Capes. I enjoy writing narrative, collaborative storytelling modules. I also started designing smaller games on my!

I would love to challenge myself more by taking on different types of writing styles for various games.

Safety Consulting

I run games by these two simple rules: be safe and have fun, in that order. I do the best of what I can do to make sure everyone is accounted for and heard, and if things may get a little too intense, informing my players of what is to come, so they can consent to continue, or we can stop altogether.

The same goes with safety consulting. I do what I can to help others recognize what is in their writing and if need be, give it a content warning so people can play with a peace of mind!

If you would like to hire me as a safety consult, please reach out to discuss rates. Let's play in the darkness safely! Below are the games I have previously worked on.

Game at a Glance

I host and run a bi-monthly show on Huetopia called Game a Glance, where I talk about the latest in BIPOC TTRPGs. I will go through Kickstarters, jams, and recently released games, and do a deep-dive into the creativity and brilliance of these designers as we read through their games. I strive to be a major advocate and promote my fellow BIPOC designers. If you have a game coming out soon, please let me know! I would love to hype and be excited for your work!

Check out my previous episodes on Twitch or Youtube.

AP Live Streams
I have been streaming consistently in TTRPG Actual Play shows for over 2 years now. Safety tools and communication is a must for any table I join. I strive to be a supportive, conscious player and I try to fill any role that is needed. I have played on a variety of streams throughout the years, and you can find me most consistently with Kahaaniyaan (Huetopia), with my earliest shows with Victory Condition Gaming playing Kids on Bikes. I have guest streamed with a variety of wonderful shows like Chromatic Chimera, Friends Who Roll Dice, TeaTRPG, and many more!
[Reel coming soon!]

Kahaaniyaan Season 2 promo flyer

AP Podcasting
I started with TTRPG Actual Play podcasting back in the summer of 2018 when I was asked simply at a conference "Hey, you like D&D, right?" I have had the absolute honor to start playing with the crew of Red Death. My biggest project to date has been co-hosting and GMing for Powered by the Players, a Powered by the Apocalypse Actual Play podcast where we run through your favorite PbtA games as one shots or mini-campaigns with a rotating, diverse cast.

I have also guested with One Shot Podcast playing Wanderhome, Party of One podcast, and Dungeon Not Included (Bulldogs arc).

[Reel coming soon!]

Voice Acting
I am still new to voice acting, and interested in getting into more roles.